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Are you ready for a spiritual awakening through love & eros?

Nowadays the true nature of eroticism and lovemaking is often misunderstood and concealed due to a lack of education, awareness and understanding upon the difference between sex and eros.

This generates significant consequences in our life, inner harmony and love relationships even if we are not fully aware of it.

The ancient Tantric tradition reveals a very profound and fulfilling approach towards love & eroticism by bringing light to the fundamental difference between sexual energy and the erotic energy. 

We are the first

International Genuine Tantric School

to offer these authentic tantra yoga teachings to women who love women. Our esoteric spiritual school offers a course especially designed for all lesbian and bisexual women who wish to live a very happy fulfilling erotic life, full of the most sublime experiences, while being perfectly integrated in modern society.

The Sapphic Tantra Course

This is a spiritual journey for sapphic women
– the first of its kind –

That will happen live and online, offering you a tantric deep dive into love, eros and spirituality, that will transform your life and intimacy forever!

During this course we will provide the:
practical methods
and support

for you to attract an abundance of love into your life, to become a wonderful and unforgettable lover and to experience a fresh, juicy and fulfilling life,

through discovering and manifesting your unique qualities and revealing your true Self.

What will you learn in this 1-year intensive course?

5 Modules + in person graduation retreat

Eros & Love

  • Sacred eroticism, tantric love making between women and inner alchemy
  • Different types of orgasms, multiple orgasms and how to become orgasmic!
  • The difference between sex and eros and how to live an erotic life
  • The secrets of amorous erotic continence
  • Essential keys for developing erotic and emotional intelligence
  • Tantric massage training: a spiritual practice of love & eros
  • Creating and maintaining fulfilling spiritual couple relationships
  • Attracting your ideal lover
  • The wisdom of the heart and heart based living

Shakti Power & Yoni

  • The important role of initiated women in modern society
  • Awakening our feminine power, self-confidence and self-worth
  • Activating the hidden power and juiciness of the Yoni
  • Ancient Taoist Yoni egg practice
  • Yoni tantric massage and Yoni reflexology
  • Monthly cycles, menstruation and PMS

Tantric Methods

  • Purification techniques
  • Spiritual healing for health and wellbeing
  • Morals and ethics according to the traditional Yoga system
  • Universal laws and principles governing our life
  • Fundamental revelations of the Godly Attributes
  • Guided meditations, embodiment practices, rituals

And much more…

Start your tantric journey of love & eros

founders & main TEACHERS

Hi everyone! Click over the photos to know more about us. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Catherine Dunworth

Kalas Ananda


1 year in-depth journey, designed especially and only, for women who love women, about sacred eroticism, love and spirituality.

Online and in-person, live and pre-recorded, about different juicy subjects, hosted by Catherine & Kalas

A sacred private sapphic community with access to exclusive materials, where we meet, share and support each other’s journey

NB: Our tantric programs are meant for women that are open minded and constant in their wish for a true inner transformation.

Network of Hearts
Join a spiritual network and community of inspiring women from all over the world.

Here you will have the chance to meet other sapphic women, to support each other, and share your journey and experiences together.

What Is Tantra?

A genuine spiritual path for modern society

Have you ever heard the silent whisper of your heart telling you there is a deeper meaning to your existence, besides the excessive focus on materialism? Very often we get caught up in the routine of life, stress, responsibilities, and we don’t really take the time to look deeper into the more profound aspects of life and ourselves. 

Tantra is an ancient spiritual system that offers an authentic path of self-discovery for those who wish to discover who they truly are and how to live their full potential while being perfectly integrated in modern society.

Sacred Eroticism

The sexual energy is an unconscious, instinctual drive that is meant for procreation.

The erotic energy is a sublime subtle energy that has an ascending direction

which leads to spiritual awakening, unity, multiple orgasms – even hundreds (amorous erotic continence), total erotic fulfilment, heart based living and sublime happiness. Through pure godly eros – eroticism, love and spirituality are one.

By awakening and cultivating the erotic energy women can:

  • Attain an amazing longevity and good health
  • Preserve beauty and youthfulness
  • Awaken the sensitivity of the entire body
  • Establish a yoni-heart coherence
  • Experience different types of multiple profound orgasms, including full body orgasms and godly ecstasy
  • Shorten or even suspend menstruation, eliminating associated physical and emotional discomfort
  • Immensely increase vitality and life-force energy
  • Reach emotional balance and inner peace
  • Open their heart and overflow with love
  • Experience true independence and a state of unconditional happiness
  • Rapidly and pleasantly awaken the soul and spiritually evolve

And much more…

By joining this ONLINE COURSE you will have access to:


  • 2h Weekly classes combining both theory and practice
  • Sapphic Circle: a monthly spiritual journey and intimate cozy time together
  • Network of Sapphic Hearts: our private community for women who love women
  • Telegram group to support your spiritual journey
  • Weekly homework for deepening your practice
  • Written materials with essential keys and exercises
  • Guided Meditations mp3 files
  • Bonus pre-recorded video lectures
  • Ayurvedic recipes for wellbeing (natural herbs, aphrodisiacs, diet)
  • Special spiritual initiations in the mysteries of tantric eroticism
  • Access to the in-person graduation retreat

Price £43/month

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